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Latest Updates

  • PlayStation 4 : Breaking Into Modern Gaming

    Diving headfirst into the Playstation 4 to unlock its full potential!

  • ExBox 360 : Return of the King

    The XBox 360, arguably the king of the game consoles, was a big part of many childhood memories. It was of course usurped by new pretenders to the throne, and seemingly forgotten. But he ain’t dead yet; let’s infuse this machine with a little hack magic to keep the legacy alive for another generation!

  • Nintendo 3DS: Revisiting the Retro Dimension

    It seemed like everybody either had or at least dreamed of having a Nintendo DS/3DS, and the Nintendo Store closing felt like a betrayal, especially when those classic titles went to the new store, as if this little powerhouse were irelevant. Screw that, I’m going to keep the experience alive as long as I can!

  • Wyse Vx0 V50L Specs

    Just being an information hoarder, gathered all the specifics for one of the Wyse thin clients.

  • Wyse Vx0: Fattening Up a Thin Client

    You can have a legitimate and solid DOS box for super cheap with only a little bit of effort, plus a spare old USB thumb drive and a few bucks for an internal upgrade!

  • HDMI Output for Your Commodore!

    Much as we love our Commodore computers, we all know its video output was… not the best. Back in the day, it didn’t matter so much, but today there’s a way to make it all better!

  • Interface Software/Hardware for Commodore

    A backup archive of another C64 software site (mostly related to interfacing with DOS/Win systems)

  • My Retro Entertainment Console Experience

    Building a flexible and reliable complete remote entertainment and retro gaming system

  • Pi1541 Floppy Drive Emulator

    Don’t have a 1541 floppy drive to play with? Don’t want to wear out your drive and floppies? Feeling… frugal? Get a Pi3 and one of these!

  • Ultimate (Useful) Commodore 64 Upgrades and Mods List

    This is my attempt to document and catalog all the (proven) mods and upgrades makers have developed for our beloved system over the years.