Author: cmack

ExBox 360 : Return of the King

The XBox 360, arguably the king of the game consoles, was a big part of many childhood memories. It was of course usurped by new pretenders to the throne, and seemingly forgotten. But he ain’t dead yet; let’s infuse this machine with a little hack magic to keep the legacy alive for another generation!

Nintendo 3DS: Revisiting the Retro Dimension

It seemed like everybody either had or at least dreamed of having a Nintendo DS/3DS, and the Nintendo Store closing felt like a betrayal, especially when those classic titles went to the new store, as if this little powerhouse were irelevant. Screw that, I’m going to keep the experience alive as long as I can!

Wyse Vx0 V50L Specs

Just being an information hoarder, gathered all the specifics for one of the Wyse thin clients.

Wyse Vx0: Fattening Up a Thin Client

You can have a legitimate and solid DOS box for super cheap with only a little bit of effort, plus a spare old USB thumb drive and a few bucks for an internal upgrade!